Ever since I was a little girl, I was in love with dogs. My childhood dog Blue was my closest friend and biggest support. She was everything a kid and family could hope for in a dog. We were inseparable and she meant everything to me. ...A week before my wedding, Blue, 14 going on 15yrs old, was diagnosed with colon cancer. She couldn't hang on much longer and in the middle of our honeymoon my heart was split in pieces as we went home to say goodbye to her.

I spiraled into a depression and cried daily for my dearest friend. My health took a turn for the worst at that point and my husband knew I needed something to revive my Spirits. He didn't exactly share my passion for dogs since he never had one, or a pet at all, but he knew it would mean a lot to me so we began to discuss getting our first dog together.

My expectations were high from Blue's legacy. We needed a dog that would grow up nicely with children, train easily, and mostly be a loving protective companion. I just could not have another border collie yet, but had developed an interest and passion in Toy Poodle since 12yrs old. There was some convincing I had to do to get Bridney over the "breed stigma."

Eventually we got her, our first dog together and my first Toy Poodle. Right away I was impressed and felt that this was going to be more than just your basic pet ownership. We joked that she was so kind and sweet that nothing could ever provoke her to harm someone else, even in defense. Even though the breed is supposed to protect when necessary, I wasn't so sure if she would or would even notice. She was a happy, smart, and at times a little naughty yet typical "puppy."

Two specific occasions even before she was 8mos old proved us wrong. One time at Yellowstone park on vacation, a "creepy" stranger I couldn't get away from was asking me lots of personal questions like where do I live and also asked if my dog is friendly etc. I barely started to feel uncomfortable about it and as he tried to come closer to me, she got in-between and for the first time let out a low and deep growl saying, "you will never get near her.."

The second time was alone in my own driveway, the streetlight had gone out and I was in the dark fumbling with my groceries. A truck of 5-7 drunk men pulled in behind me and I turned around hearing them approaching with "cat calls." Before I could even think, she had somehow broken out of the car pushing open the seat and door and was again in extreme defense mode in-between us saying "GET AWAY.." They were surprised and obviously scared to see a Toy Poodle so they jumped in their truck and hastily drove off. Even when I got in the house she never left my side and continued to pace the door huffing and sniffing.

We had never experienced a love so sincere, loyal, and "in tune," as the Toy Poodle breed. Obedient, athletic, and could be counted on, not to mention so regal and breathtakingly beautiful.

However.. Still in the thick of the worst time of my health, I struggled being sick every day and having something to work toward and look forward to. Thank goodness for my husband and for our dog. I had lots of time at home and started looking at breed sports and competitions to start as a hobby. I grew up showing horses and a couple occasions we bred and trained and showed our own foals. I wanted to get involved with dogs on that level and had a great dog to start with.

The rest is history as they say.. I intently began my research on pedigrees/genetics and other successful breeders, sought out my own reputable breed mentor, got involved in AKC clubs and events, started competing and testing, connected with experienced knowledgeable breed fanciers to also guide me, and started our journey toward creating and enjoying the vision of the ultimate Toy Poodle Pinscher.

I didn't know that it would turn into my greatest passion when I started, but it did. I have a solid understanding and interest in genetics and inheritance, know how to train and evaluate and work with animals, and my strongest personal trait is my desire for over the top excellence in anything I do. And I absolutely love dogs. It is a passion that consumes me and I have afforded better health in recent years. Whenever I am sick, my dogs are here for me and I have something to live and strive for and enjoy enough to keep going. Every day I am thankful to this breed and that I get to pursue my passions.

Wish to Get Yours ?

We appreciate your interest in our Toy Poodles and share your enthusiasm with respect to this fascinating breed.