"When I first decided on getting a Toy Poodle Pinscher, it took about 4 months till I found the perfect breeder to get my puppy from; that breeder was Bridney from Bridney Toy Poodle Pups Home. Besides wanting to find a breeder with beautiful dogs, I wanted to find someone who was ethical in their practices, extremely knowledgeable about the breed, and treated their dogs like part of the family.

Not only does Bridney do a thorough screening for any potential Bridney families, but she is very friendly and helpful in all aspects of the process of getting a puppy, as well as the random emails and texts about raising said puppies once they are home. She took all of my expectations that I wanted in a companion, and matched me with my boy Dexter, and she could not have found a better match for me.

He is the perfect addition to my family. Goofy, sweet, protective, outgoing and amazing with people and kids. I always get stopped when we are out and asked a bunch of questions about him; number one question being where he came from. He even breaks the stigma against Toy Poodles for some of the people we meet. His vet has also commented about how even tempered he is, as well as having amazing confirmation and looks.

I will always have a Toy Poodle in my family after getting Dexter, and I will always get my Toy Poodle from Bridney Toy Poodle Pups Home. Thanks for my fur child!"

Brittany R. UT

"From the very moment that my husband and I decided to add another Toy Poodle to our family, I knew that Bridney Toy Poodle Pups Home was where I wanted my puppy to come from.  Having followed Bridney Toy Poodle Pups Home on Instagram for months prior  I had seen how much Bridney and her family care for their dogs and puppies.  Our Toy Poodle puppy has a fantastic temperament and is the sweetest little boy in the world.  Everyone that meets him instantly falls in love with him, people and dogs!  The entire experience filled me with confidence that we had selected the right breeder.  Bridney is very careful with selecting families for her puppies and my husband and I were thrilled that we were accepted into the Bridney family.  Bridney kept us up to date on all milestones during the pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks of our little guy's life and it made the entire process feel so special and unique than just picking a dog from any other breeder.  Bridney is always available for questions and guidance when it comes to our little guy.  My husband and I could not be happier with the entire experience we have had with joining the Bridney Toy Poodle family.  Thank you again Luisa!"

Melissa & Cory M. CA

"Where to start. For one; we don’t do many reviews. Who has the time? But Roxy has become such an integral part of our family that we wanted to share our experience. We wanted a Toy Poodle for the better part of 5 years. We are first time dog owners so we researched and researched and spoke to some breeders but never really felt a connection to any of them. I in particular had given up on the idea of having a Toy Poodle until we had an attempted home invasion towards the end of 2012. This started my research again and one day, by chance, I happened upon an Instagram account of two Toy Poodles that appeared to be just what we were looking for. With a little research I was able to find what breeders the dogs came from. One of the Toy Poodles came from Bridney Toy Poodle. Which brought us to the beginning of our relationship with Bridney and Bridney Toy Poodle. Who would have thought that we would ever purchase a puppy from a breeder in a different state than ours (again, first time dog owners)? Once we started communicating with Bridney via email and then through phone conversations, we knew that this was a person that really cared about her puppies and where they were placed. She wasn’t just going to sell us a puppy and then let us fend for ourselves. I was right. We couldn’t be any happier with our relationship with Luisa. We know that she is very busy but she has never been too busy to answer any of our questions. As first time owners we have had many. We are fortunate that Roxy has joined our family and also that we have joined the Bridney Toy Poodle Pinscher family. We would not hesitate to recommend our breeder to anyone looking to add a puppy to his or her family."

Jorge and Mimi A. CA

"I approached Bridney about purchasing one of her Toy Poodle Puppies because her dogs are well behaved, beautiful and have great health records. I found the experience to be wonderful, my dog has a clean bill of health and a great temperament. I would recommend Bridney to all forms of Toy Poodle lovers; she has an expansive knowledge and is always happy to help. I am a proud member of the Bridney family."

Madison B. UT

"I looked all over for two years until I decided on the breeder I was going to go with. Bridney asked great questions about myself and went above and beyond on any questions I had. She worked with me and our communication was second to none. My puppy was literally hand delivered to me at the airport and I must say I enjoyed every aspect of the journey up to getting my beautiful Toy Poodle puppy. Now I've had him for almost 3 months and I get compliments CONSTANTLY and he's exceptionally smart, house broke by 14 weeks and knew all basic commands and was leash trained in the same amount of time. They have a great demeanor and their temperament is perfect. They are protective even at a young age but by no means aggressive. If I ever get another one which I will one day, I will go with Bridney and Bridney Toy Poodle Pups Home. I've said it before but I'll say it again, Thank you again Sitton family for my amazing and healthy Toy Poodle.


Brett & Zeus" - Brett J. MO

"I'd buried my last Toy Poodle about five years ago and since then hadn't had a companion dog to accompany me around the farm. I've had Toy Poodles since I was a child and, being devoted to the breed, I knew when the time was right I'd get another. When I was ready I began searching through my AKC contacts, and from the breeders I've known in the past, but no one had what I needed for at least another year. While I was ready now, I was prepared to wait. Then one contact led to another and soon I was given Luisa's kennel's name to look up on the internet. I did and was very impressed by the animals I saw and the care she took breeding and selecting owners for her puppies. She wasn't a backyard breeder that bred dogs indiscriminately or frequently. She truly cared about the future of the Toy Poodle breed and the future of the dogs she brought into this world. Both of which are extremely important to me. I contacted her, and after a few emails in which I discovered she did have puppies available, we spoke on the phone and discussed what my needs were and what my desires were. We had a healthy debate over natural versus cut ears, and while reluctant to let me have an uncut puppy, she trusted me enough to allow me to be a mom to one of her babies. The care Bridney displayed in asking the right questions regarding my needs and wants led her to placing one of her puppies in my home. My Attila is everything I have wanted in a puppy so far--potty accidents and all! He's my Ridiculously Cute and Perfect Puppy. Thank you, Luisa. I hope you'll allow me to get a playmate for Attila next year some time."

Sandy R. VA

“From the moment I learned about Bridney Toy Poodle Pups Home, in particular Luisa, I knew I’d found something very special and rare.  Before we ever spoke on the phone, I could tell through her website, social media, etc. that she was one of the most responsible and professional breeders I had ever come across.  Her commitment, dedication and love for the breed were evident in everything she communicated.  My impression became reality after our first conversation.  She took the time I needed with me on the phone to discuss every question I had and address every concern about bringing a second Toy Poodle into the home.  She never gave me the feeling that our conversation was about selling a puppy at all… in fact; I know she wouldn’t have agreed if we weren’t the right fit, which is exactly what I want from a breeder.  It should never be about the money, it should always be about finding the right home. 

Bridney is extremely passionate about the breed and her commitment to taking all the necessary steps needed to ensure the integrity of the breed is not compromised is first and foremost at all times.  Her commitment to health testing, lineage research and temperament testing go above and beyond.  In addition, you’ll never find another breeder that shares much more invaluable information about Toy Poodles than she does (all prior to receiving your puppy).  She is thorough and clear in her communication, in an effort to give all new owners everything they need ahead of time for the best health and wellbeing of their puppy.  Bridney also offers her support throughout the life of her litters.  She’s not a breeder who shuts the door after you make your final payment.  I can’t express enough how important and valuable this is.  It’s not worth saving $200 if your breeder doesn’t have any interest in your puppy after it leaves their hands. 

We have a male puppy from one of Luisa’s litters, and we couldn’t be happier with him.  He’s a beautiful boy with a sweet and loving temperament.  If he could, he would sleep in our laps all day long.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a Toy Poodle and as a true and proud Toy Poodle human… We all love their focus, alertness and their protective instincts.  Our boy may be sweet and loving, but he would protect our family and property if he needed to.”

Lonna K. NV

“My search for a good breeder for a Toy Poodle started 2 years ago. In my research I didn't find any in my area that met my high standards. That's when I decided to broaden my search. That was overwhelming! So many breeders, how do I choose?! I follow Toy Poodle_Pinchers on Instagram and have seen posts by Bridney Toy Poodle Pups Home. So I decided to check them out. As luck would have it they were the perfect breeder I had been looking for. After speaking with Bridney on the phone I couldn't have been more confident in my choice of breeder. Her knowledge of the breed and love for her dogs absolutely sold me. She kept us updated from the time of impregnation from the time we picked up our puppy. We have been very happy with our little guy and will buy from them again in the future.”

Beth B. OR

I really can't explain how great of an experience you've made bringing Talos to my life. The puppy pictures, the updates, and all other information you sent us along the way were awesome. You truly are a reputable breeder in my eyes. He is an amazingly fast learner, and is there by my side whenever I am. Nike and Vinny are both beautiful dogs, and the best of both of them shine through him everyday. Thank you so much.

Caleb W. WA

“We are forever grateful to Bridney of Bridney Toy Poodle Pups Home for bringing a new love into our life—our precious puppy, Happy. From the first phone call to inquire about puppies, to her continued support and guidance in ear posting, working with Bridney has been such a fulfilling experience. She is honest, incredibly knowledgeable, and passionate about Toy Poodles, and she goes to great lengths to take care of future puppy parents by going above and beyond. Not only did we receive constant communications about a due date, the big day, and updates all of the weeks after, she even sent photos and videos of the puppies. While we might be biased, we think our puppy is a perfect match for us—curious, confident, loving, gentle, playful, intelligent, loyal, and healthy—the result of a truly exceptional breeder.”

Alison & Jesse W. ID